Database Migration Success!
Posted on Wed 17th August 2022 5.21PM in category Software

And the day comes when you have to go from the planning
stage to actually putting all plans together for creating/migrating a project
that involves a Database. For my case it was a SQLite Database that has been in
use for 10 years now and the software/front end is being migrated from a
desktop application to the Web and utilizing MSSQL DBMS.   

I had not put much thought into the database migration, although
now I know I should have as without the successful migration of the database
and the data it holds the application will be not be of much use, and would be
bad for business. After many days of researching and trying suggestions on how
to attempt to move the data from SQLite to MSSQL this part of the project
started to seem daunting and leading me to a very unsuccessful feeling.


I spent more time researching and stumbled upon mention of a
tool called DBConvert

I googled and found their website and read more on the DBConvert
software and I was impressed.

I downloaded the trial version of the software to convert my
SQLite Database with 25 tables and 10 years of historical/current data to SQL
Server (MSSQL), installed trial and selected source Database and Destination
Database, adjusted a few column values but did not have to as I was testing the
software and wanted to see if it actually converted with the new column values.
After everything was set I hit the commit button and let the software do its thing
and in about 10 minutes the conversion was complete and I opened Microsoft’s
Server Manager and there was my new converted Database!

I connected to the new Database and ran some lookup queries
and everything works find and the Database was reporting the correct number of
records I was expecting.


DBConvert has converter tools for many Database conversions
for servers and Cloud and you can buy the one or multiples depending on the
task at hand and what you need to accomplish the goal. This company also has
DBConvert Studio that includes most of the converters (except Excel and JSON)
and other tools such as sync and Copy and the best part of all is that the
software is Professional/Enterprise at reasonable prices and that helps when
trying to put the budget together for a job like this.


I create Software that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux and
also Web Apps that almost always consist of a backend Database and I know I
have found my go to tool for converting/migrating, syncing and copying critical
Databases not only for me but my customers as well.

For more information please visit and read up on all the
tools and take a trial version for a test drive, Happy Converting!     

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